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Endoscopy Services

"Words cannot express my gratitude to you and what you have accomplished for me in such a short period a time. Recently, I accepted the position of Vice President with a competing company and I found that time and accuracy was essential in gaining the market edge. Without question you were a critical element to my success. Not only were you available on a moments notice to answer my questions but routinely you were a step or two ahead of me and fixed the problem before I even asked. Men of your character, knowledge and work ethic are all but impossible to find."

David Lundberg V.P.

Information Technology

"Tom Schneider worked for us as a consultant for about a year. He proved to be exactly what we needed. It seemed that there was nothing he could not do well! He so impressed us that when a major new opportunity came to us, we recruited Tom to come on board full time to manage product development."

Bart Johnson
Prophet Management Information Systems

Small Business

"Green Pastures Consultants of Oviedo, Florida has experienced numerous occasions of favorable encounters with CS2 Corporation. We are a small business with need for quick turn-a-round on our calls for service to our electronic systems. Our Inventory control, financial management, order entry and production control Data Base Programs are key to our operation. When they are "down" or adversely impacted by a software or hardware problem, we are virtually out of business. CS2 Corp. has come to our assistance on many occasions with timely response, professional performance and outstanding results in every instance. We at Green Pastures consider CS2 Corp. as part of our resident team. There is not a slightest hesitation to recommend CS2 Corp for use by any business or firm with an interest in operation, development or improvement objectives for any and all electronic systems. If you are looking for a better way to operate, consider the expertise and innovation demonstrated by CS2 Corp."

Francis Cipra

About Us

The president and founder of CS2 Corporation is C. Thomas Schneider. Tom has over 20 years experience in the creation of popular and award-winning software as well as international recognition as a provider of business solutions for a wide range of industries. Tom is that rare techie who understands business and the "bottom line", and speaks plain English to his clients and trainees. His firm belief that business should be built one successful client at a time explains the loyalty of CS2's clients and their satisfaction with the services provided.