CS2 Corporation - Services

Information Technology Consulting

We provide creative solutions to your specific IT needs because we understand your business and your goals.

We can be your IT department, helping you find solutions without adding to your overhead.

Software Development

If you can't find effective answers to your business needs, maybe the right solution is custom software!
We have extensive experience with software and database design, development, testing and implementation.
We can help determine if this approach is right for you.

Custom projects are welcome.

System Integration

If you need to have different systems "talk" to each other then maybe we can help.
We have experience with interfacing several point-of-sale or accounting systems to various types of operational systems.

Hardware Purchasing

We offer site surveys to determine computing needs and will aid in the acquisition of needed components.

Computer Networks

We install and maintain all aspects of networking requirements, from broadband to wireless local area networks to traditional peer-to-peer sharing of resources.


We will determine the source of computer-related problems, including viruses, component failures and intermittent symptoms.

We have experience with all types of Windows networks and Unix/Linux operating systems.

Industries served