CS2 Corporation -

Electronic Patient Medical Records and Clinical Work flow

Thank you for your interest in DrDox, CS2 Corporation's software providing electronic patient medical records and clinical work flow.

DrDox was designed to relieve medical offices of the problems associated with paper charts, including lost or misplaced files and the expensive real estate necessary to store thousands of medical records. Additionally, DrDox actively handles the work flow events needed to provide the best medical care, by eliminating sticky notes, lost instructions, forgotten orders, and overlooked reports and reminders.

DrDox understands the requirements of CMS evaluation and management coding, and suggests the appropriate designation for each encounter. There are also checks and balances to assist the physician in making sure the notes are complete to support proper documentation of the encounter. However, DrDox does not dictate how you practice medicine.

As time savers for staff, DrDox provides fast, simple scheduling that is easy to change and easy to learn. For nurses, DrDox provides for faxed prescriptions to the patient's pharmacy on file (also easily changed). Not only does this save time, it reduces the likelihood of prescription errors.

CS2 Corporation stands ready to interface DrDox to your chosen billing system, again helping staff to maximize profitability and minimize errors.